Hidden Track Bottle Shop is the best boutique wine shop in Phoenix you’ve (maybe) not yet heard of.  Seriously, it rocks and if you like vino, you should pay them a visit.  It is a perfect addition to a young downtown Phoenix still  looking to create its unique identity.  There is no other shop like it in downtown either, making it an instant hit among those who live or work there.  For the small shop that it is and having only been open for just over a year now, they have made a large and impactful splash and have already garnered lots of local and national coverage.

Hidden Track Bottle Shop

Their name was inspired by many things aligning perfectly and as described on their website, came about in the following way:

Hidden Track Bottle Shop was inspired by numerous encounters with friends and strangers over a glass of wine, and conversations that asked “Where did you find this wine?” or “Where can I get this bottle?” As we searched for the right space to create our vision, the ideal location for our concept was presented. The 111 West Monroe building in downtown Phoenix was built in the 1960s – the same decade The Beatles introduced the world to the first “hidden track” on an album. This bit of nostalgia, the location of the shop within the lobby, and the revitalization of the building were a perfect match in creating Hidden Track Bottle Shop.”

Hidden Track Bottle Shop

Pop in on a Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm or Saturday from 12:00-3:00pm and you’ll get an extra bonus:  a free wine tasting.  They offer the tastings every Thursday and Saturday offering 4-5 wines on average to taste and enjoy.  What makes the tastings so great is that it’s not your run-of-the-mill wine tasting.  Instead of walking up and standing at a wine counter, forking over upwards of $50 for a tasting, and being left alone to taste your wines after a brief description like in California’s wine country– here you are casually tasting wines and hanging out with friends.  The ambiance is a relaxed, chill vibe where you come to hang out as you sip on tastings from around the world…and, did I mention for FREE?

Additionally, because Hidden Track Bottle Shop is located in downtown Phoenix, let’s discuss the parking situation.  It rocks, too.  They’ve got plenty of it.  You can pay to park on the street, park for free in the underground parking garage, or skip parking altogether and take the light rail because they’re only 2 blocks away from the Van Buren St Station.

Are you getting excited about this place yet?  I hope so, because I haven’t even covered the best part about Hidden Track yet.

Hidden Track Bottle Shop


Hidden Track Bottle Shop

Many of the wines in their shop are not sold in your typical wine store or grocery store but because they are so knowledgeable about wine– they know where to get really great wine for awesome prices in order to bring a different selection to their customers that aren’t normally found in the mainstream wine selections.

They also have a wine club (of course!) and it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  For $25 a month, you get two quality (and delicious!) bottles of wine.  The best part is that the wines included every month are personally picked out by The Craig and pre-taste-tested by both The Craig & Danielle prior to being given the go ahead for the wine club.  So, two wine aficionados/experts are hand selecting and saying yay or nay to the wine they are bringing you.  Actually, they’re hand selecting (and tasting) every wine they’ve artfully selected for the store so you can be confident that you’re getting something tasty and worth your money.  This is truly a passion for Craig & Danielle and it’s evident.

As a wine club member, you also get 12% off of all wine and beer purchases as well. (They have a nice selection of beer you can buy by creating your own 6-pack).  You can join the wine club by clicking here.  Bada boom- that easy.

Hidden Track Bottle Shop

Hidden Track is also a pretty charitable company because the owners are awesome like that.  The Craig & Danielle have been kind enough to help host a fundraiser for Bike the US for MS, they’ve hosted tastings for the Junior League of Phoenix (an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers), among other charitable gestures.

They are also participating in an event coming up on October 22nd that benefits a future skatepark at Hance Park.  This event sounds like it is going to be pretty cool, too.  It’s called Noche en Blanco and you get to wear all white!  This will be a fun, elegant event with the right ambiance.  Tables will be draped in white, strings of lights and stars will be overhead, live music, skateboard demonstrations, and dancing will ensue.  You can also pre-order wine from Hidden Track to be brought to your table–  how cool is that?

What to know…

They’re located at:

111 W. Monroe St.
Suite 120 (inside the lobby)
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Operating hours: Monday -Saturday from Noon to 7pm.

Wine Tasting hours:  Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm & Saturdays Noon to 3pm.

If you’re a wine drinker, go ahead and stop in this place to check it out.  It’s super cute, everyone is friendly, and you won’t regret it.  Not sure what to purchase? Let them know what you like to drink and you’re likely to get several recommendations and an in-depth description of wines you’re likely to enjoy.

Happy Friday!  Have a wonderful weekend and if you stop by Hidden Track, be sure to let me know.


Hidden Track Bottle Shop

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