If you can’t yet tell, those of us at Copper & Cacti love our craft beer and good food.  This week, our Feature Friday takes us to a rad spot in the Valley called OHSO that definitely falls into both of these categories.

OHSO started out as an eatery + nano brewery in the Arcadia area of Phoenix proper and has since grown to three locations in the Valley while still maintaining the small business feel dedicated to the community.  Each location has its own personality while maintaining several things in common:  an array of great beer, great food, and awesome ambiance.  If you’re wondering what on earth OHSO means or where they came up with it, you’re in luck because I happen to be really good at using the Interwebs for research and found out for you.  (I think it also says on the sign out front in the Arcadia location, but who’s keeping track?)  Anyway, OHSO = Outrageous Homebrewer’s Social Outpost.  Naturally, OHSO is a much easier (and catchier) name to refer people to.


The original location in Arcadia allows you to contact them and set up a time to come brew a small batch of your own beer.  That’s pretty sweet.  I’ve never done it but I think it sounds pretty cool.  Might be one of those things that I wonder what on earth I’m doing once I start the process…hmm.  Maybe another day.  They’ve got a front and a back patio that get really busy when the weather’s nice.

The second location is in North Scottsdale and is actually an eatery + distillery rather than a nano brewery.  It’s got a great patio and you can really see it from a ways away!  Who doesn’t love bright orange patio umbrellas everywhere?  Much needed necessity for a patio in AZ!  It’s conveniently next to a pretty cool movie theater that you can order food/drinks at, as well, so perfect for a date or just an outing with the family.

The most recent location, and honestly the one we frequent the most often, is in Paradise Valley eatery + brewery and has a GIGANTIC outdoors area complete with corn hole and ping pong (or, as our friend’s daughter calls it, Paddles!)  They’ve also got TV’s everywhere for sports watching, really cool decor, and even tap handles functioning as a water feature.  They also have this huge fan inside above the bar area.  I realize that’s an odd thing to comment on, but it’s seriously huge.  I’m not sure what the diameter on that bad boy is but one two things are for certain:  it is impossible to miss and it does its job.  As if these things weren’t sweet enough, it gets better!  All of the photos in this post are from the PV location but I couldn’t talk about PV without talking about the other locations since they’re all awesome!


At all locations each Saturday & Sunday, you can go for brunch.  If you order a breakfast dish you can get either a mimosa or a 10 oz beer for $10 or $15 total (depends on which breakfast dish you order).  That’s really not a bad deal at all considering you normally pay $15 just for the meal half the time elsewhere.

Additionally, starting at 3 on Sundays they have a Backyard Luau for $15.  And, if you’re still hungry after you finish your plate- you can ask for another.  Or, you can even just ask for a refill on a couple of the items rather than the whole plate.  The offerings are Hoisin BBQ Beef, Kalua Pork, Kilauea Chicken, Aloha Rice, Grilled Pineapple, Macaroni Salad, and Roasted Bok Choy.  Yes, all of that comes out on your plate.  It’s quite the amount of food.  I’ve not seen my husband be able to finish it yet to ask for more.

Are you ready to visit yet?  If not, let me add the best part of all.  They are dog-friendly and you can bring your furry children with you (as long as you’re okay sitting on the patio).  Sometimes they even have adoption days where they allow folks to bring dogs in to try and find homes for them (I feel like I normally see this on Sundays).  And my husband teases me to close my eyes so I don’t fall in love with them all as we pass by…apparently we don’t need more than 2. They even have T-R-E-A-T-S up front so you can make your pup feel special while you’ve got them there (if they aren’t too busy looking at everything, everyone, and every other dog).  Like how I spell out treats up above?  I’m hoping my dog doesn’t know I’m over here writing about them because, well, then they’ll want them.

So many people take advantage of this and bring their dogs.  It’s so awesome!  The Paradise Valley location has a grassy area in the event your dog needs to take care of business and you should definitely keep your dog on a leash while there, but, they’ve even got carabiners to hook the leash to at every table and they’ll bring your pup a bowl of water as well.

One reason I love the PV location is because there are just so many spots to be in this location and it’s really got a sense of community to it.  It always feels like everyone is so friendly and eager to actually chat with people.  I have a feeling that the plethora of dogs kind of encourages this because people will always stop to talk to others whose dog briefly catches their eye.  And, it seems like everyone’s always smiling and in a good mood.  It is so stinking refreshing and it’s just a good spot to have a low-key day to unwind.  The management is experienced and super friendly, as well (okay…in disclosure, I knew them prior to them working here but it remains true.)  It is meant to be a gathering place for the neighborhood and it really accomplishes that.  Not to mention, the area really was begging for something like this.

Additionally, (and very importantly), they have a really good happy hour.  You can get mini pitchers of beer for $6 (it’s about 2 1/2 beers worth) and they also have mini bites for like $3 each for snacking on during happy hour.

As for the food, I’m not sure what I like most but the Mac Del Mar is insanely good.  It’s mac and cheese for grownups and it’s got crab, shrimp, jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon, and boursin sauce in it.  Their guacamole is pretty stinking good too and it’s also got bacon in it but it also has dried cherries.  Sounds like an odd combination but the cherries really add such an amazing touch.  I can scarf a whole bowl down by myself.

If you are in the area of any of the locations, I highly suggest putting this on your agenda and making a pit stop.



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