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This week I’m highlighting a local brewery that’s definitely grown in size over the years but still deserves to be spotlighted as an awesome small Arizona business.

While Four Peaks now has four locations, the original location is based in Tempe, Arizona and is an extremely short distance from Arizona State University.  (Note: one location is in Terminal 4 of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport so if you’re just passing through on a layover you can still stop and grab a brew and bite to eat!)

The building that houses the original location has so much history to it.  The building was built in 1892 and is mostly red brick with a wooden ceiling with part of the roof raised and made of glass.  It’s pretty cool.  Back in the early days of Arizona, this building was an ice plant, followed by a creamery.   There’s a long side room (formerly referred to by staff as the game room), which is basically a long driveway.  My grandmother, who was born and still resides in Phoenix, has told me that she remembers going to Borden’s Creamery when she was a little girl and they drove their car up the driveway and would load up on ice for their ice box.  I think that is just so cool!


Four Peaks also has a lot of things going for it besides the obvious beer.  (I’m getting to the beer, promise!)  They have an awesome patio that is perfect when Arizona weather permits, which is most of the year.  Among plenty of other delicious options, they’ve got an amazing beer bread recipe that you can wrap nearly any sandwich in, chicken rolls with sweet jalapeño sauce, and the best artichoke dip ever.  Hands down.  They also have a Peaks Mimosa.  Champagne and Peach Beer.  So Stinking Good.  For an added bonus, I ask for a splash of OJ.

This location is also known for being one of the largest Minnesota Vikings bars in the Valley of the Sun.  On Vikings game day, this place gets crazy!  It’s literally a sea of purple nearly everywhere you look (and it’s a great spot to catch all of the games as they have dozens of TV’s and can show them all with sound).  Personally, I like that they also offer soccer games to watch! (Go Liverpool!  Unless the US Team is playing, then Go USA!)  This is definitely a fun place to watch the World Cup if you can get in and get a spot.  Their Scottsdale location is really awesome at showing the games as well and if there’s a game you want to watch, they’re generally pretty good about putting it on if you ask really nicely and no one else is watching what’s already on.

Now….to the beer!  Four Peaks offers several mainstays that are truly unique.  Their flagship beer is the Kiltlifter, a Scottish-Style Ale.  They also offer Sunbru (a Kolsch), Peach Ale, Hop Knot IPA (hopped several times throughout the process), 8th Street (English-Style Pale Ale), Raj IPA (English IPA), White Ale, and Oatmeal Stout.

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Beer sampler at Four Peaks Brewery (Photo by Pat Shannahan/AZ Republic)

They have several seasonal beers as well.  I wrote briefly about one of them awhile back- the Pumpkin Porter.  This is by far my favorite porter beer, ever.  It’s also their most famous seasonal and folks go crazy for it (including myself).  See this screenshot of the local news actually reporting about it (sadly, this screen shot also reminds me that the Dbacks lost this day):


Four Peaks also has a really unique beer called Odelay, technically a brown ale but kind of aiming to be a Mexican Hot Chocolate/Beer of sorts.  It’s tasty.  It’s really hard to go wrong with any of their beers, really.  Unless you’re not into beer.  That’s literally the only reason I can think of.

Each beer is thoughtfully brewed and crafted and the brewmaster, Andy Ingram, along with the rest of the brew team, really take pride in their craft.  Each time I enjoy a Four Peaks beer, the pride is obvious because it really shines through in the taste.  Of the four owners, each takes on a different role and it culminates in a well-run business with high-quality products.

If you’re ever in Phoenix, be sure to stop by and let me know what you think.  If you’re already in AZ and have yet to visit- GO!  If you like a good atmosphere, good food, and good beer, you’ll love Four Peaks.  Their everyday locations are the airport, Tempe, and Scottsdale, while their tasting room, also in Tempe, is open on Fridays.

If you go, let me know what you think!  If you already love this place like I do, let me know if I missed anything that I should have covered!  Happy to add it in.




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