Perhaps the best (and super authentic) rolled tacos and bean and cheese burritos in Arizona hail from Mr. G’s in Yuma, Arizona.  Mexican food in Arizona is plentiful and even the “just okay” Mexican food is normally better than “the best” Mexican food in other states- the exception being some of the other Southwestern states like California, New Mexico, and parts of Texas (although, I’ve been disappointed with Mexican food in Texas).  I honestly can’t even eat it outside of the Southwest anymore because I’m normally left severely disappointed.  It seems that the other parts of the country think throwing some ancho sauce on something equals good Mexican food.  Yikes.

Their burritos are so good, that just named them as one of the best burritos in America.  And, how can you go wrong with a burrito that only costs $1.89?  I seriously have trouble finishing two of them.  They are super filling.  And, last time I checked, if you go on Wednesdays you can score 2 for the price of one.  #Awesome.

While Mr. Gutierrez passed away in 1989, his wife Bessie has continued to run the restaurants with the help of children and family.  Mr. G’s is family owned and operated and began in 1954 when the Gutierrez family, specifically a husband and wife, decided to open a restaurant with their delicious food.  The same family also owns and operates The Chile Pepper, also in Yuma. They are both sit-down or take-out with the same concept and menu.

They owned another sit-down restaurant, La Casa Gutierrez, that was located in their grandmother’s home.  They closed this restaurant down a handful of years ago in order to preserve the historical aspect of the home.

They have created such awesome food for so long that if you run into anyone from Yuma anywhere in the country, they will inevitably tell you that they love Mr. G’s/Chile Pepper’s.  If you live in the valley and know anyone going to Yuma, it is not uncommon to beg them to stop at Mr. G’s and bring you back bean burritos and rolled tacos.

The tortillas are so fresh and delicious and the hot sauce is the icing on the cake.  It seems very basic in appearance but the hot sauce is bursting with flavor.  The longer it sits in your fridge (if it lasts long enough for you to save it), the hotter it seems to get.

My husband grew up in Yuma- and this is how I thankfully discovered these amazing bean and cheese burritos.  When he was in high school (no joke- his school mascot was “The Criminals” which I’ll talk about a future post), he would buy a bunch of burritos from Mr. G’s before school and then sell them on campus at lunch.  Apparently, it was a big hit until Mr. G’s began selling them at lunchtime on school campus themselves.

The restaurants, and the Gutierrez family, are strong supporters of the Yuma Community Food Bank and Crossroads Mission, as well as local school programs.  They seem to really be thankful for their customers and pride themselves on giving back to the community as well.

If you’re ever in Yuma (or driving through on your way to San Diego), make a pit stop at Mr. G’s and try their food out!

Photo taken from Chile Pepper Facebook page.
Photo taken from The Chile Pepper Facebook page.
Photo taken from Chile Pepper Facebook page.
Photo taken from The Chile Pepper Facebook page.

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