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I’ve decided to begin featuring brands/companies/etc… owned by those small business owners working hard each and every day to make their dreams a reality.

This week, I’m starting with an up-and-coming couture clothing line, Hues of Ego.

A couple of weeks ago, the Phoenix Fashion Week was held at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona where several designers competed for Emerging Designer of the Year.  In full disclosure, my husband and I know Natasha Duran-Lynch and were there to support her.  (That doesn’t change the fact that her stuff really is topnotch and deserving of a win!)  The show is always a good time and definitely presents so many talented designers.  I absolutely love the creativity shown through the different fashion lines.

Hues of Ego had barely lost in the competition last year, with many questioning how such an exquisite line could have lost to a T-shirt designer.  They must have had a lot of complaints because this year the layout was different and casual wear had its own competition, separate from couture.  SO. MUCH. BETTER (and fair!)

This year, Hues of Ego took a rightly deserved first place for Designer of the Year.  Here’s what FactualFashion.com had to say:

“What can we say other than WOW! Hues of Ego blew us away with her new collection. Her opening act did not disappoint either playing into the “alter ego” by pairing a beautiful ballerina dancing to rap. As for the collection, not only did she bring new, stunning garments, she included the “it” color for Fall, oak buff. We also loved that the majority of her collection was ready to wear and we could easily see pairing the pieces with statement heels and necklace. However, because the garments were impeccable and stand up on their own, they wouldn’t need a lot of accessories in our opinion.”

Hues of Ego will be presenting their fashion for sale in February on Evine Live.  Keep an eye out for it and for Hues of Ego in general.  If you love fashion, you will definitely be seeing Hues of Ego pop up more and more in the future.

In the meantime, if you find something you love and must have on the Hues of Ego website, you can go ahead and purchase it directly from the website.

Here are some photos from Phoenix Fashion Week (both this year and last), demonstrating a small portion of the extremely talented designs Hues of Ego is capable of.  Enjoy! (Disclaimer- photos are not mine but they are credited where possible, many are from Steve Yap.)


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