YES- you read that right.

Pumpkin lobster ravioli!

Let me start by saying how awesome my husband is. I came home from work wanting “something pumpkin-inspired” for dinner.  He came up with pumpkin lobster ravioli.  Now, to have a full appreciation for this, please understand that I am completely lucky and spoiled because my husband does A) all of our cooking and, B) is an AMAZING cook.

He just decided he would make this and, without so much as looking anything up on how to make them, made them.

Here he is in action (I’m assisting with rolling out dough):

IMG_3615 IMG_3616 IMG_3617

First, he made the pumpkin dough…from scratch.  Just his normal pasta recipe: eggs and flour.  Once it started to mix into a dough-like consistency, he added pumpkin puree and some seasonings/spices: rosemary, nutmeg, salt, and a tiny bit of black pepper.

Then he finished kneading the dough and we rolled it out on your standard, old school pasta roller, rolling three times per dough at sizes 1, 3, and then 5.  You have to make sure to keep flour nearby to pat the outside of the dough with as the pumpkin makes it more finicky and soft to begin with.

Then, we laid the dough out and put the filling in: hand-pulled ricotta and langostino lobster (note: some people disagree that langostino is lobster.  I think it’s close enough that I don’t think it’s worth the debate. I had both langostino this week as well as fresh, live lobster last night that my mother-in-law flew in from New England on the plane with her…the texture’s the same, it’s the same type of meat, it’s still pricy, it looks the same, it tastes pretty darn similar, and – they cook the same.)

And yes, you can fly with live lobsters on a plane. She checked them in as luggage but my husband and I have brought a box of them as carry-ons before.  New England’s got it down pat; they know how to pack them so that they survive, are fresh, and fit into a carry-on. Note: you will get weird looks from some folks and jealous looks from others as they see your box that says “Live Lobster” or “Live Seafood”.  No one wants to be on a long flight across country where seafood might not survive. But, those who have done it and know it’ll be fine are the ones providing the jealous looks. =)

But, I digress.  He filled the raviolis up, put more pasta for the top layer, cut them out using a tool we got at Bed, Bath and Beyond and let them sit for a couple of minutes.

Then, we plopped them right into a boiling pot of water like you would normally with store bought ravioli and waited for them to float to the top of the pot.  Then you serve ’em up!

In this case, my husband (he’s Italian!) also homemade the red sauce we served on top.  His red sauce is pretty freakin’ good.  I guess that’s why his family owns like a dozen restaurants in MA.  The family’s got good sauce.

Here’s the product before adding sauce and devouring them.  Between these deliciously-amazing raviolis and the pumpkin banana pancakes he made me the day before, I’d say my pumpkin craving has been met more than once so far this year.


Sound Off: What are your favorite fall flavors?  How do you incorporate them into meals?  Let me know below!  Happy October!

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