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First, I must apologize for being so distant! My life has been crazy as of late.  Right around the time of my last blog post I quit my job, took a week in between to do stuff around my home, and started a new job right back up! Yep- I work full time outside of the home.  I won’t bore you with the details as my job has often contained some controversial things (read: I work in politics. Enough said.) and I prefer to keep my blog separate from all of that.  You’ll never hear me pushing my views here unless it’s about how beautiful Arizona is and why you shouldn’t believe the hype that it’s all desert and cowboys.

Speaking of pushing Arizona on you- raise your hand if you’ve ever been to Sedona (raises hands!).  Sedona is one of the most gorgeous places in Arizona.  That’s where the love of my life and I got married. More specifically, at the Sedona Golf Resort.  If you’re visiting and like to golf, you should definitely check this place out.  The views are incredible and the people who work there rock.  The red rocks of Sedona are breathtaking and it’s a pretty unique place that is all in its own class.  There are so many amazing hikes and things to do, see, and eat in Sedona that I could go on for days.  In bullet points, I’m going to summarize my favorites of Sedona.  You just need to trust me on this: visit them all!

  • Oak Creek Brewing Company (Pop in after a long hike)
  • Elote Cafe (Go right when they open to avoid a long wait- or enjoy your wait at the bar with a prickly pear margarita.  Get the cornbread dessert!)
  • L’Auberge (go for brunch but make reservations- note, it’s pricy but worth it)
  • Hike Mt. Wilson (bring lots of water)
  • Hike the West Fork (again, bring water)
  • Hike (or mountain bike) just about anywhere, really. (WATER! This is the desert, after all.)
  • Drive to the Enchantment Resort (If you can’t afford to stay here, at least drive to it and see the views of red rocks).
  • Go to The Coffee Pot for breakfast (they’ve got 101 omelettes!)
  • Take the back road from Sedona to Flagstaff (it’s longer but so scenic!)
  • Visit the historical Chapel of the Holy Cross to admire the architecture (note: I don’t think mass is really offered anymore- it’s more of something to do just to do and it’s free unless you choose to drop money in for donations).

There are so many more things to do in Sedona.  It just depends on what you’re into.  You can take the famous Pink Jeep Tour, visit the Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park if that’s your thing, experience a vortex, play in Oak Creek, hike, bike, visit art galleries (Sedona’s a fairly artsy place), take a day trip from Sedona to Camp Verde and take the Verde Canyon Railroad to experience their wine tasting tour as you wind through nature on a train (this is so much fun!)

Like I mentioned earlier, Sedona is one of my favorite spots in all of Arizona.  We’re planning to spend our 5th anniversary there next year and do (again) nearly everything I’ve bulleted out above.  Of course, it’s a short drive away from us so we’re fortunate enough to get to visit this beautiful spot whenever we feel like it!

We also got engaged on a hike near Sedona (the Secret Canyon Trail) and enjoyed our engagement dinner at Elote Cafe afterwards.  It was recommended to us that night by someone who was nearly salivating as they told us about the place.  They sure were spot on with their recommendation.  We’ve been going back ever since.  We also had our wedding rehearsal dinner there because we love it so much!

Here are some photos:

This one’s from our wedding at the Sedona Golf Resort (thanks to Steven at SJA Studios for grabbing a photo of everything before the festivities unfolded!)  What a backdrop, huh? Hence the reason we have like zero decor for the ceremony.  =)

Photo credit: SJA Studios
Photo credit: SJA Studios

The photo below is one I took several years ago during a hike of Mt. Wilson.  Our entire hike was through snow which made it more difficult but it was such a fun day.  And, I grabbed this awesome photo as well!  Yes, parts of Arizona get snow!

Sedona in snow

I took the next photo during another hike during the summer.  The views are this gorgeous everywhere.  You can’t go wrong visiting this place.

Sedona hike.

Have you ever been to Sedona?  Are you more inclined to visit now?  Let me know if you have questions- I didn’t nearly give everything enough credit that they rightly deserve!

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