Yes, purple trees!

Another reason I love living in Arizona during Spring is that I get to see beautiful trees bloom every year.  I know you are probably thinking, “beautiful trees bloom?…in the Arizona desert?!”  The answer is YES!  Arizona is extremely diverse…more diverse than a lot of folks realize (but, sshhh don’t tell anyone!)

Don’t get me wrong- we don’t have trees that line the streets in Phoenix like other cities do, but they are spread around and beautiful.  If you go an hour north of Phoenix, you start getting more forest-like trees…two hours north and you’ve got the largest singular collection of Ponderosa Pine Trees on this continent. Crazy, right?

But, I digress.  Trees are everywhere throughout the Valley of the Sun and I am lucky enough to have a pretty mature one in my front yard.

When we bought our home a few years back, it was mid-Summer.  Literally, in July.  It was H-O-T….HOT!  The tree had some green on it but looked like it was just kind of hanging out waiting to be watered and loved.  We had someone come in and cut it back and shape it and then the monsoons in August brought it lots of rain.  It got much greener and we were happy to have such a good looking tree in our front yard.

The end of March came around and we walked out front one day and looked at the ground to find it covered in purple flowers.  I had no idea where they came from and honestly, didn’t even bother looking up.

Later that day,  I pulled up into my driveway and looked over…and thought, oh my goodness- our tree is purple!  We have a Jacaranda tree!

Even though I have seen these trees throughout Phoenix growing up, I never paid a ton of attention to what they or their leaves looked like in the off-season.  I hadn’t even realized what a beautiful tree we had sitting in our front yard until that day.

Now, every year, I cherish every day that this tree is full of purple goodness and when the last purple flower falls into my yard I get excited knowing that the next year I will watch as it slowly turns from green to purple.  Such a beautiful sight to see!

The photo below is actually a shot of our tree…from my backyard.  That’s how tall this thing is.  (The bright green leaves to the right in this photo are from my orange tree, just FYI.)


Another shot from my front yard on a cloudy, rainy day last week:


Do you have a tree you absolutely love the sight of?  If it’s a tree you have to travel to see, let me know in the comments below.  I’m always looking for new pretty things to be on the lookout for in nature.

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