I love when my husband and I get to dress up because we have somewhere to go! It’s pretty awesome because my husband is pretty awesome.

He loves to tie something into his outfit that matches some part of my outfit.  Recently, we attended a White Party, hosted by The Junior League of Phoenix.  The goal: wear as much white as possible (without getting dirty!)  Turns out, finding an all white outfit was much more difficult than not getting anything on it!  We scoured places for reasonably priced white cocktail attire for a couple of weeks.  It wasn’t that we found nothing- it was that it was almost all see-through!  Yikes.

We finally settled on the outfits pictured here.  Since red is a color of The Junior League, we tied some red into our outfits.

The Junior League is a national organization with local chapters that are dedicated to providing volunteer service in the community.  Oh, and it’s an only women thing.  So that’s pretty cool.  I really enjoy being a part of it and giving back to the community that has let me call it home for, well, my entire life.

Here are the pics of our white attire, enjoy!

IMG_2673 IMG_2675

To learn more about The Junior League or find a chapter near you, click here.

To learn more about the chapter in Phoenix, click here:

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