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I know many parts of the country are not experiencing Spring quite yet– many areas are still shoveling snow, even–but out here in Arizona, it’s already in the 80’s which means it’s time to get stuff planted!

I spent the better part of last weekend planting flowers while my husband planted some herbs and veggies in the other half of our garden.  Our garden is long and wraps along one entire wall of our backyard.  If I am guessing, it’s probably 3 ft wide by 40 feet in length.  We have it split up into sections:  fruits/veggies, herbs, and flowers!  Some things are able to stay year-long provided we give them shade in the summer and cover them on the 3 or 4 days that we get freezing temps in the winter.

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I never plant things without my husband around, mostly because I won’t go near the compost.  We compost year round and he is in charge of putting stuff into the compost, mixing it often, and pulling the soil out to use when we plant things. I will save everything in a neat container I found at Hobby Lobby that says “COMPOST” on it but it’s up to him to empty it daily into our real compost pit.  He is awesome like that and I’m pretty appreciative of his willingness to do it.  I also only plant stuff with him around because it’s just a great way to spend the day with the love of my life.

So, over the past weekend, he pulled some composted soil out and we got busy planting.  I planted snapdragons, geraniums, and more.  I love how it looks and it was good, quality time spent with the hubs relaxing our minds and getting ready for another work week.  It makes me so happy to look out of my kitchen windows and see so much color!

Here are some photos of the flowers:

photo 3photo 2

photo 1

 You’ll also see a struggling lemon tree we’ve got propped up in the middle, there.  Hopefully one day it will take off and grow.  It produces lemons but looks like a bush more than a tree!  I was also too tired after planting (about 25 different plants!) to clean up the dirt from the mess I made.  Another day!

Do you plant anything that you love to look at?  Let me know!

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