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Today I’m introducing Chalupa Batman, the newest addition to our family.  I figured since you’ll read about them here and there you may as well get to know our pups from the beginning.

I’ll get to the question you might have first- where on earth did we get such a name? Unless you are a fan of the TV show “The League,” you probably need some explanation.  In one of the seasons, Kevin MacArthur loses a bet to Taco..the bet being that Taco got to name Kevin & Jenny’s son once he was born.  Taco comes up with Chalupa Batman.  My husband and I thought it was pretty funny so when my husband asked if we could name our new puppy Chalupa Batman, I agreed.  I think he even likes it.  His original name when we got him was Fred Flintstone.  He took really quickly to Chalupa Batman, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t like Fred Flintstone too much.

Chalupa is quite the mama’s boy. Vixen tends to gravitate towards my husband a tiny bit more, so I was excited when I realized Chalupa was going to gravitate more to me.  I love them both immensely but the way Chalupa cuddles up to me or randomly gets up in the middle of the night, licks my hand, and then goes back to his bed, warms my heart right up.  He’s part Australian Shepherd and part Britney Spaniel.  He just turned one, so he’s full of spunk.  My husband will run him (a full on sprint) for 3 miles and Chalupa will not even look like he did any work afterwards.  Must be nice!

He is so well-behaved!  He loves his toys: ropes, bones, soccer ball, kong toys, you name it- he loves it.  He also loves bringing sticks and leaves into the house, along with oranges that fall from our tree.  He eats an orange every single day.  It’s pretty weird.  He chews on the oranges that have gotten hard and he bites open the good citrus, eats everything out, and leaves the rind on the carpet for us to find when we wake up.  Every. Single. Night.  But, since he doesn’t chew anything of ours up, listens to commands (and he finally got the “shake” command down to get a treat!), and is seriously the best puppy we could have ever picked that could have picked us- we let him get away with it.  As soon as I picked him up, I knew he was ours.  The other puppies just kind of were like, “Oh hey, how’s it going?” while Chalupa was like, “Hey mom! I’ve been looking for you and you found me! I love you!”  He literally melted into my arms and snuggled into me when I picked him up.

What great love animals can bring into our lives and be such great reminders of unconditional, pure love.  Anyway, that’s our little man, Chalupa Batman!  Cheers!

Chalupa as an 8-week old on the top two photos and more recent pictures of him on the bottom. Enjoy!

2014-03-13 07.00.38 2014-03-26 16.11.39

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