This is Vixen (aka Vixie Girl as we like to call her).  She is almost 8 now but we have only had her for about 4 years.  When we got her, she certainly wasn’t so sure of other dogs due to some past situations.  We worked tirelessly with her for 3 years introducing her to other dogs in a way that made her feel comfortable.  She now loves other dogs and has plenty of pup friends! Such a sigh of relief, really.

She has always loved people, which is ironic, because her first owners (we are her third set of pup parents) weren’t so nice to her.  Her second set of parents loved her immensely but they had to move and they wanted to find a loving home that could provide the detailed attention Vixen needed.  We were the lucky ones!  Look how happy she is in this photo, smiling for miles!

photo 1

Vixen has a love-hate relationship with our pool, especially since when we made her learn to swim she was carried into the pool by my husband on numerous occasions against her will.  She hates to get in it yet everyday around 9am, 1pm, and 5pm, you can find her lounging around next to it getting her Vitamin D fix.  In the summer when she thinks no one is watching, she will get in and stand on the top step.  If little children are in the pool, she will get in and swim out to meet them to make sure they are okay and then swim back to the steps and get out.  I’ve pretended to drown before when my husband isn’t home to see what she’d do.  It was pretty awesome.  She immediately got in and started swimming towards me.  As soon as I popped up she gave me a look of despair, turned around, and went back to the stairs.  I love knowing that she would do something she hates to protect and/or save someone.  This was one of the reasons we taught her to swim.  The other was so she can get out should she accidentally fall in- which has happened more than once as she runs and plays out back.

Vixen also loves trying to get away with things such as sleeping on our bed and getting on the couch which she knows she isn’t supposed to do.  That’s why she does it when we aren’t looking.  I’m pretty sure she has the attitude of “for as long as they don’t catch me, it’s an extra minute I can be up here.”  It works a little more often now than it used to.  She was recently diagnosed with Addison’s Disease.  This is something people and dogs can develop- and can be a pretty scary thing.  To break it down into the most basic way of explaining it; her adrenal glands have quit producing adrenaline providing no motivation to do anything.  It can be fatal if left untreated but with treatment- she can have a happy and normal life.  Hooray!

Living in Arizona, we thought she had caught Valley Fever- a common ailment dogs can contract from spores in the hard, mountain dirt.  Many vet visits and tests later, our vet tested for Addison’s Disease when testing told us it wasn’t Valley Fever.  Poor thing was experiencing muscle tremors, a high fever, lack of appetite, lack of thirst, and was super lethargic.

She now has to take steroids every day for the rest of her life in order to avoid a crisis like the one she experienced when we discovered something was wrong.  We also have to keep her stress low.  Hence, why she gets away with more now.  She’s an awesome dog and doesn’t dig, chew anything up, or do anything else that would make a human mad really… so we figure she can get on the couch to sleep once in awhile.

She can normally be found licking kissing us to death, playing with her little brother, offering her paw to “shake” for a treat, begging for carrots when the fridge gets opened, or sleeping.  Her favorite part of the day is going on walks, though.  We walk her about 1.5 miles every time.  She is very serious about her walks.  We call her a power-walker because she is on a mission to complete the walk and very focused.  It’s comical, really.

Anyway, that in a nutshell, is our Vixie Girl.  Do you have any animals that you love to pieces?  Next time, I’ll introduce our other pup, Chalupa Batman!  Yes, that is his real name.

For the time being, enjoy more pics of Vixen!

photo 5 photo 4 photo 2 Vixen2 photo 3

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