Family photo
                                                                Photograph courtesy: Sincerely Yara Photographie


Just us and the two pups living our life in Arizona to the fullest extent possible.  I’ve lived in Arizona my entire life and still discover new places and cool history constantly.  Meet the pups: on left is Vixie Girl and to the right is Chalupa Batman.  Never mind the humans.  😉

The goal of this blog is to inspire folks to get out and explore Arizona.  If you can’t get to AZ, get out and explore where you’re at, but go explore and see all the world has to see!  My aim is to introduce readers to awesome places to see, do, and explore in Arizona while providing as much info as possible to prepare for your visit!  I also highlight small to medium-sized, locally-owned businesses in AZ that I believe in and I think are worthy of third-party praise in my “Feature Friday” posts.  From time to time, you’ll see me share seasonal recipes or other things, but the main goal is to share Arizona because I love it so much!



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  1. Hey Mike Simpson from Ghost Hunts USA wondering if you all teams or events hosted here if so I could have my scout Pam give you a call sometime thanks

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