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Teaching Your Kids How to Swim for 45 Years

“Our mission is to save lives while providing a captivating environment where children love to learn.”

Located in East Valley, Phoenix, AZ, SWIMkids USA is not your average swim school. Yes, we offer everything you would expect from a professional and expert facility to teach your children how to swim in a safe and secure environment. However, we see our role as one of empowerment – giving these kids the necessary instruction and belief that they can be all that they want to be.

The vision of the founder, Lana Whitehead, was simple.

Throughout every class, whether it is swimming, dance or gymnastics, we see it as our defining role to inspire confidence and self-worth in everything your child does, allowing them to truly flourish in an atmosphere of guidance and loving respect.

For over 45 years, we have proudly served the entire Phoenix area, including the communities of Chandler, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, Maricopa, Scottsdale, East Valley, Glendale and more, teaching babies and children to swim safely and with confidence. This has led to numerous awards for our work – the Aquatics International’s “Best Swim School,” to name but one.

With our focus and commitment to water safety, we have achieved such accolades and standing in our field because we endeavor to set the standard for both swimming skills, drowning prevention awareness and innovative brain development.

Our Kids Swim Classes

All of our swim classes are of 30-minute duration, with a practice pool available at no extra charge. We offer a progressive structure of attainment, enabling children to advance to the next level with confidence. This structure can see a child progress from our “Survival” classes, where they learn safety and water-confidence, through to our “Bronze – Silver – Gold” classes, and then onto “Swimmer,” “Team Prep,” “Swim Team,” and, ultimately, “Competitive Swim Team.”

Every single advancement of level sees the child rewarded with an Olympic-style ceremony, where they are awarded a medal and official ceremony photo. Unsurprisingly, the kids absolutely love this attention and recognition for their hard work in the pool.
Our Infant Swim Classes

Our FREE “Water Smart Babies” classes for infants, a nationwide program, begin at a mere two months, encouraging the bond between parent and child – we teach the parent, and the parent teaches the child! The classes are designed to instill the need for water safety and to move within the water with confidence. Yes, they are completely free.

Parent Feedback

If you want to know how well you’re reaching your goals at any kind of school, you just need to check out social media. Parents are more than happy to put their opinions out there, and that feedback, as well as being invaluable, shows we’re achieving our goals consistently, even surpassing them.

For example, one of our parents – Heather Nicole – recently wrote about her son’s experience here with us:

“My son is nonverbal, high-functioning autistic. I enrolled him in swim classes here at around 2yo, I was so worried! And to be honest, the first month was pretty rough (for both of us!) But his swim teacher Mr. Brandon was awesome, he wouldn’t let either of us give up! My son now looks forward to his weekly swim class, and the benefits from them have exceeded him simply learning to swim for survival. His confidence level has skyrocketed, and his ability to follow directions has improved tremendously. The amount of compassion and understanding we’ve experienced here is absolutely amazing! They have gone above and beyond to accommodate my son’s needs. Thank you all!”

We’re grateful to Heather and all our other parents who can find the time to provide us with constructive feedback via social media.

Other Services:

In addition to our award-winning swim classes, we offer:

Gym: With the core aims of strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance, our gymnastics classes begin with stretching, tumbling skills, and strengthening exercises, advancing to practice on a variety of disciplines: floor, beam, rings, parallel bars, uneven parallel bars and trampolining.

Dance: In the dance studio, we teach it all – ballet to tap, hip-hop to jazz, and everything you’ll find in between. With our focus on correct posture and body alignment, foot articulation, choreography, and coordination, the kids adore these classes.
Our Role In The Community

Every school should take an active part in the community they serve, and we here at SWIMkids USA continue to take as full a role as possible, and this is no more in evidence than in our proud and continued support for the wonderful Blake’s Miracle Foundation. The foundation, set up in memory of Blake Whitehead who sadly lost his brave battle with leukemia three weeks before his second birthday, helps terminally-ill children by using alternative pain management therapies and drowning prevention, allowing them to live as full a life as possible, however so sadly shortened.

The aim of the foundation is simple:

“If we can get these children to not think about their disease, remove the thoughts of pain or death, for just 15 minutes, we have served a purpose.”

Next Community Event:

Blake’s Miracle Carnival
Saturday, March 3, 2018

Hosted by SWIMkids USA at the Southeast corner of Guadalupe & Loop 101.

Cheer on swimmers and floaters in the annual water carnival!

Includes Silent Auction, Bounce House, Raffle, Face Painting, Business Expo, Train Rides, and so much more!

Saving Lives – Creating Champions

At SWIMkids USA, the aim is twofold:

  • To teach your children to swim safely and with confidence in a captivating environment for them, and
  • To build self-esteem and confidence within your children through repeated success and the recognition of their continued achievements.

In our award-winning swim classes, children of all ages enjoy:

  • The lowest student-to-teacher ratio in the Valley
  • Olympic-style graduation ceremony, complete with medal and award photo
  • Free use of our practice pool during open swim
  • Indoor, heated pools with UV system

What exactly would you like from your child’s swimming class? In fact, what is important to you in the general education of your child, whether it is swim, gym or dance, or other subjects? How do you wish them to socialize and interact with their peers? Please let us as we constantly seek to improve our services.

We hope we have provided you with all the answers to any questions you may have – if we haven’t, please let us know with a comment below.

Head on over to SWIMkids USA and give them a try!

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